45th International Forestry Students’ Symposium ( IFSS)

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The 44th International Forestry Students’ Symposium took place in Austria

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Cultural understanding, networking and forestry

The International Forestry Students' Association

Provide a voice for youth in international forest policy processes

This is our vision

Provide a platform for students of forest sciences to enrich their formal education

International Forestry Students' Association

The International Forestry Students' Association is a non political, non religious and not for profit organization that brings together forestry students from all over the world in a wide spectrum of activities.

Working for global cooperation among students of forest sciences in order to broaden knowledge and understanding.

Provide a platform for students of forest sciences to enrich their formal education and promote cultural understanding.

IFSA contributes with some other organizations by a partnership policy.

IFSA’s members are generally local associations of forestry students but can also be individuals persons (students or not).

IFSA has a large team of volunteers annually working to represent the youth’s voice in forestry issues.

IFSA relies on your support in order to connect the worlds forestry students. Find out how you can support, even without extra costs for yourself! Or simply donate.

Cultural understanding, knowledge and networking

Over more than 40 years, IFSA has evolved to reach its current status as a worldwide organization that involves forestry students across a wide scope of activities. Our vision is global cooperation between forestry science students with the aim of increasing knowledge and comprehension of forestry processes in order to achieve a sustainable future. IFSA also serves to represent youth in international forestry policy processes, providing a voice for new and innovative youth ideas.

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The International Forestry Students’ Symposium is IFSA’s largest annual general meeting, welcoming over 100 representatives from IFSA Local Committees from around the world.