Exchange Programme

The Commission for Exchange Programme (EP) offers forestry students the chance to gain professional experience in a foreign country by participating in short-term practical placements. As past participants can attest, learning about forestry is just one part of the EP experience. Living and working abroad gives trainees the chance to learn about a different culture, meet new people, and share and exchange knowledge and ideas. So why not apply today!

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About this commission

The Exchange Commission is set up to help IFSA students find internships or jobs internationally. The Exchange Commission will help interested IFSA members find and contact companies that fit their learning interests in the region that they are interested in going. We are also planning to work on building a data base of companies, including the regions they work in and the types of work they do.

If anyone has a company in their region that they think would be interested in providing international opportunities for IFSA members please let me know so that I can contact them. Feel free to send me an e-mail at anytime or set up a Skype meeting. Figure out what you want to do and where you want to go and together we will make it happen.

Information for students

If you wish to participate in the Exchange Program, you should consult the preliminary information for students (EP-Info-for-students). Once you’ve read that, you can apply to one placement thanks to the EP Registration (EP-Registration-Form).

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CFA youth award

If you are interested by a position in de Commonwealth Forestry Association you can apply for the CFA youth award. For further information, check the official website:

Ya-Hsin Lu
Head of Design Sub-Commission (China-Taipei)
Kristjan Sepp
Head of Web Sub-Commission (Estonia)

As the Head of Web Sub-Commission my task is to do magic with IFSA website.

Paula Sarigumba
Head of Professional Development Commission (Philippines)

I’m Paula and I am the Head of the Professional Development Commission. This year, I will gather all the training needs from the Local Committees, package modular trainings, connect to a pool of resource persons and experts, conduct trainings during IFSA and other forestry and environmental events, create an IFSA mentorship program, maintain and build new linkages to other groups and organizations for training collaborations, and bridge available opportunities for professional development to IFSA students.

Jilian Bathan
Head of Social Media Sub-Commission (Philippines)
Jiayi Chew
Head of Communication Commission - China-Taipei (Malaysia)

Félix Poulin
Head of Cultural competencies Sub-Commission - (Canada)

Janice Burns
IFSA-IUFRO Joint Position (Canada)

As IFSA-IUFRO Joint Position, I will support the Board with administrative tasks and manage IFSA’s information hub – the Master Folder. Fostering the IFSA-IUFRO collaboration and helping lead the Joint IUFRO-IFSA Task Force on Forest Education are two of my major activities.

Magdalena Lackner
IFSA-IUFRO Joint Task Force on Forestry Education (Austria)

As coordinator of the Joint IUFRO IFSA Task Force on Forest Education my job is to oversee another great project carried out together with one of our main partners. To learn more about the work of the JTF visit. | Forest education site

Meike Siegner
Head of Publications Sub-Commission (Canada)

As editor in chief of the IFSA online editorial it is my task to oversee our web-based news. I aim to ensure that we publish news content on IFSA activities and forestry related topics on a regular base, that are of interest to the IFSA community and partners.