About IFSA Alumni

A group of former IFSA students to share and contribute with their ideas to IFSA
IFSA Alumni are former students who want to encourage the IFSA values, contributing with their experience and knowledge.

IFSA Alumni are former student members of IFSA, who by now have already graduated. The idea of this kind of membership is to keep IFSA alumni still involved in IFSA, also encourage Alumni to contribute IFSA, no matter by their experience or finance.

The knowledge of alumni is valuable and this is a brilliant possibility to share it to the members of IFSA. Also it creates the possibility for the former IFSA students to have a change to meet each other and the newer generation in IFSA at the same time working as a bridge between the student and working life!

Do not forget that you can also join to the group of IFSA supporting members. Click here to read more.


Chan-Yi Lin (Ivy Lin) (China-Taipei)
Liaison Officer for Alumni