OPEN CALL: Apply for the IFSA Development Fund!

The application for the IFSA Development Fund is open and you can now apply.

The Development Fund is made available to IFSA members on an annual basis, but the grant is allocated to take priority areas into consideration.

The IFSA Development Fund serves to:

  • Support students in funding IFSA projects, events, or other forestry-related activities in developing nations (Low Income Countries, or LICs) such as organising Regional Meetings, workshops, etc.
  • Support the attendance of students from Local Committees (LCs) Low-Income Countries to attend IFSA or IFSA-related events such as the annual International Forestry Students’ Symposium (IFSS), the Interim meeting (for elected Officials), or United Nations conferences.


Individuals or LCs can apply for the fund. For LC applications, the project that the LC carries out should relate to IFSA on a larger level than a local one. This means, projects that relate to one single LC cannot benefit from this fund.

The grant is fundraised by fellow students, who organize an auction and sometimes a tombola during the annual International Forestry Students Symposium and Regional Meetings.

For details on what to include in your application package, please see our Application Guidelines.

If you think you are, or your project is eligible, please send your application to before October 20th, 2016 23:59 CET. An application will not be reviewed until all requested documents have been received.

The recipients will be chosen by the IFSA Council and informed no later than two weeks after this date. For further information/enquiries about the fund or for an application, please contact the Council at

I'm Jesse and I was the IFSA President for the 2016-2017 year. I am an Australian, based with the University of Melbourne Forest Ecosystems Student Society (FESS) LC, who studied a masters in forestry and I now work in forest policy.