Open call for papers

Dear IFSA members!

It’s a pleasure for me to inviting you to submit papers for the second issue of IFSA News journal in 2013. You’re welcome to send:

  • Forestry/theme related original papers
  • IFSA/LC related meeting reports
  • Student related activities’ reports
  • Conferences reports and
  • Future events’ announcements

The general theme for the year 2013 is based on Interim’ agreement and it regards Ownership & decision taking of the world’s forests. However, the main theme of the second IFSA News issue is Land use and land- use change in connection to ownership around the world. We find essential to know what is the role of different land uses (including forests) on everyday’ life of different communities and how it affects people’s behaviour. Can changes in ownership play an evident role?

Whoever decides to participate and write an article or report is asked to send the article including photos and your contact information’s (name and university/faculty) to [email protected] or [email protected] until 11th October 2013. Submissions are also welcome throughout the whole year and on any forestry’ and students’ related subject/report.

We are looking forward to your contribution. Best regards,

Vasja Leban
M.Sc. student of forestry
Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana.
Head of IFSA News commission 2012/13

The official profile of IFSA. The International Forestry Students' Association is a non political, non religious and non for profit organization that brings forestry students from all over the world in a wide spectrum of activities.

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