Module 1

Here, we’ll learn which factors influence whether a production system is sustainable or not.

There are several factors which play a major role regarding (sustainable) production systems. See the different drivers on the branches of the tree below:



Here is a quick review of some influences described in the conference sessions:

Global change: Rising temperatures and changes in precipitation have a major influence on the productivity and profitability of agriculture and forest systems.

Healthy environment: Good soils, sufficient water supply and biodiversity are all essential components for sustainable production systems.

Politics: Policy guidelines can ensure that resources and materials essential for production systems are not restricted.

Finance: Financial resources provide an enabling environment for successful production systems.

Markets: Access to markets provides a platform for farmers to sell sustainable products to the consumer. The dynamics of the market price is thereby an important influence factor.

Consumption: People contribute to the type of products produced through their preference and purchasing behaviours.

Legal framework: Equal rights and access to land are critical for producers.

Communities: The cooperation among the small-scale producers and local communities could drive to further transformation in production and value of agricultural and forest goods.

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