Heads of Commissions

Commissions and Sub-commissions are executive bodies of IFSA established by the General Assembly in any composition and for any tasks. The members of Commissions are approved for one year by the GA. Additional members may be admitted to a Commission during the year subject to application to and approval by the Council and members of the relevant Commission.

So here you can find the Commission responsibles, IFSA year 2016-2017:

Communication Commission
Garry Dacasin
Head of Marketing Sub-Commission (Philippines)

Being the Head of the Marketing Sub-Commission, I want to make our brand, IFSA, more relevant to the needs and concerns of our world today. Through effective and on time marketing strategies, I would like to have more people who go with us and support our worthy causes.

Kristjan Sepp
Head of Web Sub-Commission (Estonia)

As the Head of Web Sub-Commission my task is to do magic with IFSA website.

Helinä Poutamo
Head of Social Media Sub-Commission (Finland)

My main task is to update and control the quality of IFSA’s social media channels. I hope to make sure news from IFSA travel fast and far, with engaging and fun content.

Marko Kelember
Head of Communication Commission (Serbia)

For this IFSA year my job is to oversee Communication Commission and to provide the best promotion of IFSA to the World. Also my job is to develop communication strategy and to conduct some IFSA projects.

Meike Siegner
Head of Publications Sub-Commission (Canada)

As editor in chief of the IFSA online editorial it is my task to oversee our web-based news. I aim to ensure that we publish news content on IFSA activities and forestry related topics on a regular base, that are of interest to the IFSA community and partners.

International Processes Commission
Charlotte Ross-Harris
Head of UNFCCC Sub-Commission (Australia)

This year I have undertaken the role of Head of Sub-Commission UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) within IFSA. I am excited to lead our team of delegates to this years UNFCCC COP22 in Marrakech and to further our connections and engagement with international climate policy.

Irma Verastegui
Head of CBD Sub-Commission (Peru)

Its a pleasure to be the link between CBD Secretariat and IFSA this period. As a main task I will look forward to keep topics of diversity and communication.

Maximilian Schubert
Head of International Processes Commission (Germany)

As head of IPC the commission will focus on clear aims such as partnership and possibilities. Together, we will work for more opportunities for IFSA and for its partners and, of course, for the spread of the knowledge, that some of us can obtain in our delegations to different conferences. I am happy for every idea and suggestion.

Johannes de Koning
Head of Forest Europe Sub-Commission - Denmark (Netherlands)

Forest Europe is the pan-European platform (47 signatories) for the national ministers responsible for forestry. The plaform offers dialogue and cooperation for forest policies in Europe. Offering European students a better understanding of forest policy processes and how these shape the future world in which they will work is my aim for this year.

Forestry Education Commission
Gabrielle Schittecatte
Head of Forestry Education Commission (Canada)

As Head of the Forestry Education Commission I’m looking forward to not only collaborating with the Joint Task Force on Forestry Education, but also to analyzing IFSA members’ conceptualizations on Forest Education, and applying this understanding to streamlining IFSA’s messaging at high level events.

Fundraising Commission
Jonas Geschke
Head of Fundraising Commission (Germany)

As Head of Fundraising it is my task to assist IFSA and its members with financial issues. Therefore, my main goal is to implement an updated fundraising strategy with a focus on transparency, responsibility, sustainability and Supporting Members.

Jani Nivala
Head of Fundraising Support Sub-Commission (Finland)

As head of Fundraising Support my task is to assist and support IFSA members with their fundraising. Goals for this year are updating fundraising quidelines and foundation list, further developing fundraising packages and assist IFSA members with fundraising including offering feedback about one’s fundraising application.

Professional Development Commission
Paula Sarigumba
Head of Professional Development Commission (Philippines)

I’m Paula and I am the Head of the Professional Development Commission. This year, I will gather all the training needs from the Local Committees, package modular trainings, connect to a pool of resource persons and experts, conduct trainings during IFSA and other forestry and environmental events, create an IFSA mentorship program, maintain and build new linkages to other groups and organizations for training collaborations, and bridge available opportunities for professional development to IFSA students.

Vicky Tremblay
Head of Cultural competencies Sub-Commission - (Canada)

My goal for the cultural competency sub-commission this year is to work with IFSA Local committees to favorise cultural understanding by improving the knowledge of different cultural practices and world views.

IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress
Dylan Goff
Head of Commission IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress - Austria (Ireland)

As head of the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress Commission, my job is to coordinate the team organising IFSA’s involvement at the congress. My aim in this role is to to work with commissioners to ensure that IFSA’s impact at the congress is maximised and that the youth voice is heard.