Liaison Officers

A Liaison Officer (LO) is the correspondent between IFSA and a partner organization of IFSA. He/She is appointed for one year term by the General Assembly. The Liaison Officer have the following main tasks:

  • Maintain regular contact with both the IFSA President and the partner organization.
  • Work with both parties to find suitable arrangements for collaborative activities.
  • Raise awareness of one organization to the other.
Liaison Officers 2016-2017
Chan-Yi Lin (Ivy Lin)
Liaison Officer for Alumni (China-Taipei)

Being the bridge between current IFSA and alumni is my main task. Hopefully we can create a solid database and have more financial support from alumni.

Xavier Noël-Monastesse
Liaison Officer for CFA (Canada)

It is an honor for me to help strenghten the bonds between IFSA and the world’s longest established international forestry organization.

Alice Semnoun
Liaison Officer for ITTO (France)

As new ITTO liaison officer, my job is to stregthen the IFSA-ITTO partnership and built a solid memorandum of understanding. I also make sure that our IFSA members will be aware of all ITTO intership’s opportunities and actions.

Lisa Prior
Liaison Officer for IUFRO (Germany)

My Job is to be the link beween IFSA and IUFRO, keep our President Jesse and of course IFSA-World up to date with IUFRO events, and coordinate IFSA participation at those events. I want to make sure our connection to IUFRO grows, and always have an open ear for IFSA members questions and suggestions when it comes to IUFRO matters.

Khalil Walji
Liaison Officer for FAO (Canada)

As the link between IFSA and the FAO my role will be to ensure IFSA members worldwide recieve updates information on the new opportunities the FAO has for students and young professionals. My role will be to encourage sufficient attendance of IFSA members at FAO events and conferences and to continue to develop our relationship by exploring new avenues of collaboration that are mutually beneficial to both organisations.

Emilio Otero Johansson
Liaison Officer for EFI (Sweden)

As the new LO EFI my main tasks are to uphold and strengthen the IFSA-EFI partnership. This year I will strive to seize as many opportunities for IFSA members to participate in EFI events.

Meilani Karina Susilo
Liaison Officer for CIFOR (Indonesia)

Work to maintain regular contact with CIFOR and achieving great collaborative activities.

Dolores Pavlovic
Liaison Officer for IFISO (Serbia)

As IFISO liaison officer I look forward to furthur engage IFSA as much as I possibly can. One of my main goals is to organize an offical IFISO meeting on behave of IFSA in Belgrade, Serbia.