Partnership positions

A partnership position involves IFSA and one of its professional partners in a joint undertaking to fulfill a specific aim. These can be full-time, paid positions that would allow IFSA to better serve its vision and mission.

Partnership positions
Janice Burns
IFSA-IUFRO Joint Position (Canada)

As IFSA-IUFRO Joint Position, I will support the Board with administrative tasks and manage IFSA’s information hub – the Master Folder. Fostering the IFSA-IUFRO collaboration and helping lead the Joint IUFRO-IFSA Task Force on Forest Education are two of my major activities.

Magdalena Lackner
IFSA-IUFRO Joint Task Force on Forestry Education (Austria)

As coordinator of the Joint IUFRO IFSA Task Force on Forest Education my job is to oversee another great project carried out together with one of our main partners. To learn more about the work of the JTF visit. | Forest education site