Regional Representatives

Each year, during the General Assembly, delegates of each region nominate a Regional Representative (RR). He/She performs such duties as the following to promote the aims of the Association in the region:

  • Maintain regular contacts with the members of the region
  • Encourage and help forest students’ associations in the region to become a member of IFSA
  • Assist the Direction in carrying out activities such as tracer studies in the region
  • Encourage and promote activities such as working camps, seminars, forestry-related projects relevant to the region, etc.

So here you can find the RRs for each region, IFSA year 2016-2017:

Northern America
Félix Poulin
Regional Representative for Northern America (Canada)

This year I want to be there for my LC, to help them, to improve their experience in the IFSA. I want to upgrade the family of Northem America LC, to be able to know better my region’s reality.

Anna Tobiasz
Regional Representative for North America (Canada)

As regional representative of Northern America, I support LC’s in Canada and the USA and provide communication between IFSA World and LCs. This year I am excited to work alongside Felix to continue the momentum of our previous RRs to find ways to strengthen and sustain our current LCs and hopefully establish a new LC.

Latin America
Alexandra Andrea Rivera Ramos
Regional Representative for Latin America (Colombia)

Latin America Regional Representative main task is to motivate Latin American LCs to participate in IFSA events and to look for new members and supporters for IFSA.

Julio Alberto Salas Rabaza
Regional Representative for Latin America (Mexico)

The main tasks as Regional Representative is being a bridge between IFSA7 and our Latin American LCs, and involve also new people in IFSA.

Northern Europe
Southern Europe
Damiano Cilio
Regional Representative for Southern Europe (Italy)

As Regional representative for Southern Europe, I would like to stimulate and motivate people of my region to join IFSA world as much as possible because it is one of the best ways to improve knowledge and experience level got at university. Together with Eva, we will show them that IFSA is made by students for students and everyone can work to make it better.

Eva Weiß
Regional Representative for Southern Europe (Germany)

As Regional Representative of Southern Europe I want to support and motivate all existing Local Committees in our region and help to establish new LCs as well. We are looking forward to meet you in person at the next SERM in Bulgaria!

Northern Africa
Bismark Dzineku
Regional Representative for Northern Africa (Ghana)

Hello Friends, I will be the Northern Africa Regional Rep. for the year 2016-2017. My work is to motivate and maintain regular contact between IFSA and the various LC’s in the region and also to extand the tentacles of IFSA within the Region.

Okon Faith
Regional Representative for Northern Africa (Nigeria)

Hello guys as the Northern Africa Regional Representative, I would keep the IFSA goal alive by sensitizing LCs in the region on the being an impactive forester in their community.

Southern Africa
Sabelo Sithole
Regional Representative for Southern Africa (South Africa)

As the Southern Africa Regional representative, the primary goal is to collaborate the Region, update membership information and recruit new potential IFSA Members. My key objective for this term is to ensure that South African LC’s succesfully hosts the 45th IFSS in 2017 collaboratively.