Commissions allow students to develop new skills as well as dedicate to sustainable flow of the association

This commission is in charge of facilitating student work placements and exchanges between forestry faculties looking for and proposing internships in international and national forestry organizations.

As international organization IFSA needs a lot of money for its activities. This commission was created to try to assure the financial stability of IFSA.

This commission is in charge of coordinating and facilitating the participation of IFSA in the processes outlined above. It is also a forum to discuss forest policy and exchange diverse knowledge and perspectives.

The Communication Commission is in charge of managing one of IFSA’s most important communications tools, the website. Social Media is managed as a sub-commission, in charge of managing our Facebook and Twitter presence.

This commission offers the great chance of identifying challenges and opportunities in forestry education, and working towards improving forestry education worldwide.

This commission offers the great chance of pointing out problems in forestry education and showing possible solutions. It can beyond that play a role itself in the improvement of forestry education.

IFSA News is the official journal of IFSA, written for forestry students mainly by forestry students. The articles focus on forestry related themes worldwide. The commission is responsible for its publishing and edition.