Regional Meetings

ARM 2013Each year most of IFSA Regions in the world organize a Regional meeting which gathers the local committees (LC) members of IFSA in the region during several days. Those meetings are quite important to discuss regional topics and trends and promote the cohesion and effectiveness of IFSA work in the region. Here you will find some reports about previous regional meetings and discover more what it is about.


The IFSA tree around Regional Meetings

Date: July 2012
Author(s): Juliette Mouche

The story I want to tell you starts when, from an idea used during the IUFRO World Congress in 2010 in Seoul, South Korea, we drew, together with members from the LC BOKU, Austria, the IFSA tree with its birds and surrounding trees on a big white poster in order to create an interactive presentation of the IFSA structure and of its missions.

Report: Report-Around-Regional-Meetings

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