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Dear IFSA people!

The next edition of UNASYLVA, the official journal of FAO, will be published in the second half of the year, around September/October, 2014. FAO intends to produce this issue with a number of collaborators, including the Mountain Partnership; meaning that apart from UNASYLVA being a first-class-peer reviewed journal, it will receive a wide publicity as well!

FAO has decided, again, to give one IFSA student the opportunity to publish an article in this issue. An internal selection process will be used to shortlist high quality articles from the submission, from which UNASLYVA editors will select the best one for publication.

Interesting topics that will be considered span across,
Trees and forests in natural disaster prevention, mitigation and rehabilitation;
Post-earthquake rehabilitation;
Follow up and lessons learnt from the Asian tsunami (the role of coastal forests in damage mitigation and the progress of rehabilitation programmes);
Landslide/avalanche prevention;
Desertification mitigation/ rehabilitation and fire management;
The recent disaster caused by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in the Philippines might also form the basis of an article!

More information about UNASYLVA can be found HERE
Guidelines for Authors is HERE (I strongly suggest you check this out for recommended writing directions)

Are you interested in making use of this opportunity? Or you have an enquiry? Kindly write an email [email protected] The deadline for submission is on/before 30th March 2014.

More information about UNASYLVA can be found:
Guidelines for Authors is


Yemi Adeyeye
MSc SUTROFOR: Forests and Livelihood
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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