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The Second Advisory Committee Meeting of APFSOS III was carried out on 14-15 November 2018 at CIFOR Headquarters, Bogor, Indonesia. There were three main objectives of this meeting which included discussing about the key findings and  recommendations of APFSOS III,  and about the completion of APFSOS III, and to get feedback from Advisory Committee members

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Meet the IFSA delegate team for the UN CBD COP14!

Frederik Buchholz is a 26 year old student of International Forest Ecosystem Management at the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde, Germany. He developed a research focus on the concept and mechanisms of Ecosystem Services and works currently in the EU project “InnoForESt” which is developing an innovation platform to facilitate the upscaling of practical Payments

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Reasons to engage at the COP 14 UN CBD

Reasons to engage at the COP 14 UN CBDSharm El Scheikh, Egypt by Frederik Buchholz For the past three years I have been studying International Forest Ecosystem Management in Germany. Within the study program we often debated the development of sustainable forestry, the relationship of forests and socio-economic factors and the international conventions and strategies

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Topics in COP14

Wondering what IFSA delegates will be learning about at the upcoming COP14? Below are just a few of the topics we will be covering during the conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. The following links will take you to PDF publications released by the UN CBD in preparation for COP14: ✅ Biodiversity and the Sustainable Development Goals ✅ Climate

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Dear IFSA World, As the IFSA year almost draws to a close I wanted to share some of the happenings from IFSA’s busy International Processes Commission and our broader UN Partnerships, through which our engagement is ever growing thanks to our busy Head’s of Sub-Commissions, Liaison Officers and active delegations. United Nations Framework Convention on

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How “bio” biofuels really are

by Sebastian Kägler Biofuel. Biofuel. Everybody talks about biofuel… But what exactly is biofuel? Other titles can also be biodiesel or renewable diesel and it is mainly produced from fats, extracted from oil palms. Furthermore, it also could be extracted out of vegetable oils (e.g. rapeseeds or sunflowers) which then are hydrotreated to be suitable

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