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Bringing the future in front of our forests – International day of forests celebration at IFSA LC FRI

International Day of Forests, 2019, with the theme of the year, “Forests and Education: learn to love forest” provided us with the opportunity to use that power. To communicate with educators as students, be mediator of forest education to children, the foundation of our future, and learn, learn from the forests, the nature, and experience

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“Forestry is not very glamorous in some african countries”- an interview with samuel Oluwafemi Ayanleye

Mr Samuel Oluwafemi Ayanleye is a passionate youth with strong background and trac records in Forestry education, Climate action, Environmental Sustainability, Youth engagement and Leadership . He is a Co-founder and Head of Communications at Edenworld Initiative, an organization based in Nigeria which is centred around Forestry education, tree planting and Climate change campaigns in

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Reflection on UNFCC Bangkok Session 2018

Text by Arifah Hidayati (Indonesia)                                     Pic: Kiara Worth (Earth Negotiations Bulletin)        In early September, I had the chance to attend the 48th Mid-intersessional Meeting of Subsidiary Bodies of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC SB 48.2) in Bangkok, Thailand. As a first-timer at a UN meeting,

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