Register for FAO World Forestry Congress XIV

The registration for the FAO World Forestry Congress 2015 (WFC) in Durban, South Africa is now open! Find more information about the WFC and youth involvement on our previous article at


Everybody can register for the WFC! So be quick and use the early-bird registration fee until the 30th May 2015. You will find all information you need here:


Be a part of the IFSA delegation and help us organize our booth and promote our beloved organization! Here are the benefits of being part of the IFSA delegation:
  • important social contacts at the IFSA booth
  • learn how congresses of this size work
  • learn how to represent youth and our organization
  • be part of many youth activities (IFSA delegates will have priorized access to them)
  • there is a small chance that funding may be available for IFSA delegates if you take over volunteer shifts and offer a hand to help for IFSA events at the Congress.

IFSA delegates shall be available during the whole congress and be willing to spend a couple of hours during this week for volunteering. The “funding-issue” is not yet clear, and we will keep you updated as news becomes available. Since funding opportunities are not yet secure, it is important you identify and secure your own funding.

If you want to be an active part of the IFSA delegation, please fill out this online form before 30th May 2015. If you do not fill out this form, you will not be part of the delegation!


Advice for the registration:
  • choose individual registration
  • for organization type: choose international NGO
  • name of organization: ensure that you enter the whole name ‘International Forestry Students’ Association’, using just IFSA is not correct.
Please ensure that you have:
  • travel insurance for South Africa
  • a valid passport (depending on your country, validity of at least 6 months after your visit might be required)
  • a visa (if required).

Find more information about traveling and visa here

If you have any questions regarding the registration or if you have problems with filling out the Google doc, please do not hesitate to contact Melanie Schulte (LO to FAO).

See you in Durban!

The official profile of IFSA. The International Forestry Students' Association is a non political, non religious and non for profit organization that brings forestry students from all over the world in a wide spectrum of activities.

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