Green Growth companies

Today, for my first day at COP 22 I discovered a very nice initiative from the French government. The ministry of environment created Green Tech verte, a start-up company who helps business to create projects in the green growth sector. They had some technology that attracted my attention and my imagination. For example, there’s The French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport (IFSTTAR), who is developing a technology to use roads to produce energy. It works like photo voltaic panels and can have a lot of potential for other purpose like recharging electric cars, lights signal for circulation, to defrost the roads to improve security, light up some zone, etc… I was also interested by an other way to create energy with marine currents. Indeed, Sabella found a way to create energy in the water without interfering navigation, fishing activities or marine wildlife. There’s AMOTRACK that works on monitoring air quality in real time. They have a dispositive that catches particulates in the air (the size, the composition and the concentration) and find hot spots. These analysis are very useful to focus environmental effort on the right spots and to improve air quality. There was also other interesting projects like recycling waste composites (ABVAL Caomposites), Installing electric mobility for cars (BienVEnu), controlling energy consumption in houses with intelligent programs (BeeBryte), giving a second life to materials (bilum), protecting marine resources with satellites (Collecte Localisation Satellite). So, these companies develop services for citizens with open source and digital tools to help the country fight against climate change. It was a hugely inspiring exhibit and I hope to find more tomorrow. 🙂

Vicky Tremblay


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