IFSA Notification -Standardization of country/province and region nomenclature using ICSU as guideline

Dear IFSA Members,

As the IFSA Board, we are strongly committed to supporting IFSA in its vision and mission, and to ensuring that IFSA remains a non-discriminatory, politically independent association, with no religious affiliation. To this end, we regularly review and update IFSA’s statutes, strategy, and membership information.

We would like you to note that as part of our membership review, it was decided to standardize all references to country/province and region nomenclature using the International Council for Science (ICSU) as a guideline. ICSU is a non-governmental organization with a global membership of national scientific bodies and international scientific unions. This widely recognized organization is also used as a reference for nomenclature by our long-time partner, the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) and we believe that it fulfills the requirements of our statutes regarding our non-partisan, not-for-profit status.

We would like to emphasize that IFSA’s global vision is for cooperation among students of forest and related natural and social sciences. Our actions seek to contribute to our overall goal of broadening knowledge and understanding to achieve a sustainable future, as well as to provide a voice for youth in international processes related to forests and natural resource management, including related social dynamics.

Furthermore, IFSA’s mission is to provide a platform for students of forest- and related sciences to enrich their formal education, promote cultural understanding by encouraging collaboration with international partner organisations and to gain practical experiences with a wider and more global perspective. Through its network, IFSA encourages student meetings, and enables participation in scientific debates and international forums. As such, it supports the development of youth’s understanding and global decision-making power.
Please note that the decision to use standardized nomenclature for country/province and region nomenclature is a clear statement embracing the non-political nature of our organization; therefore, we kindly ask all members to work together to implement this standard henceforth. This includes ensuring that all current and future communications (including websites, social media, newsletters, conference name-tags, etc.) state country/province and region nomenclature according to the standard that IFSA has recently adopted. Please find attached to this email this notification in pdf form as well as a full list of updated nomenclature.

This standard operating procedure is intended to allow IFSA to focus on its vision and mission, enabling forestry students around the world to connect and share their experiences without becoming embroiled in external political situations.

Jonas Geschke



The official profile of IFSA. The International Forestry Students' Association is a non political, non religious and non for profit organization that brings forestry students from all over the world in a wide spectrum of activities.