Dear IFSA world,

The Publications sub-commission, along with the CDC is hosting a poster competition specially for the forestry student community.

Topic: “Globalization, indigenous people, forests – the connection”

Over the past two decades, globalisation and tourism seems to have become an unstoppable force, which is the result of an increasing population in the world. Due to this indigenous people have paid a high price to survive through all of these changes in terms of their culture and access to resources from the forests. Let us all join together, as proud foresters to support and cherish the indigenous people of the world.

Regional representation of indigenous people and your ideas are encouraged.    

Deadline for submission: March 31st, 2019.

Poster can be sent to: [email protected]

Further details:

  • Winners will be selected based on the creativity and presentation of the information on the poster along with the relevancy to the topic.
  • Selected persons will receive a certificate from IFSA
  • Their poster will be displayed along with their picture on the IFSA homepage.
  • Poster size: at least 300 ppi aspect ratio of 1:3
  • Posters are to be to be submitted individually to the above-mentioned mail.