Honorary members

Honorary members can be persons or organizations IFSA wishes to honor, and who/which have accepted being an honorary member of IFSA.

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pt,A.C. de Oliveira,Portugal

nl,Cecil Koninjendijk,The Netherlands
gh,Dr. Cletus Avoka,Ghana
it,Prof. Dr. Davide Pettenella,Italy
it,Prof. Dr. Don Ko Lee,Republic of Korea
it,Dr. E.A. Abeney,Ghana
ch,Prof. Dr. F. Schmithusen,Switzerland
id,Dr. Hendrayanto,Indonesia
gb,Dr. John Blyth,United Kingdom
dk,Niels Elers Koch,Denmark
tr,Öznur Bülend Seçkin,Turkey
fi,Pekka Patosaari,Finland
au,Prof. Dr. Peter Kanowski,Australia
at,Peter Mayer,Austria
gh,Dr. S.J. Quashie-Sam,Ghana
id,Dr. Suprianto,Indonesia
de,Prof. Dr. Siegfried Lewark,Germany
ch,Tim Peck,Switzerland
de,Tim Christophersen,Germany
tr,Dr. Osman Devrim Elvan,Turkey
cz,Josef Svetlik,Czech Republic
za,Prof. Dr. Josua Louw,South Africa
us,Michael T. Goergen,United States of America
de,Prof. Dr. Gerhard Müller-Starck,Germany