Promoting Social Forestry in Indonesia

By Vicky Tremblay

Good evening!

Today, I went to a presentation on the social aspect of forestry in Indonesia. This pavilon is very warmhearted, just like the people who run it. Indonesia is a transcontinental country located mainly in Southeast Asia. There is about 17 508 islands and it is the largest archipelago in the world with an estimated population of 250 million people, it is the fourth most populous country in the world. So you can guess that climate change is a big deal for them since they are very vulnerable to rising of water. However, today the topic was forestry from a social perspective, as well as their application in programe REDD +. I also assisted to a presentation of the indiginous Indonisan people who have a very interisting point of view on forest management. In fact, the forest under their responsibility are well preserved. When there is illegal harvesting, they usually find the responsibles and bring them to trial or otherwise, they curse them. They have beliefs in the trees and the forest and transmit very old proverb through generations to preserve nature. For example: It is the forest that causes the rain to be used to grow rice, corn and a source of water. I was inspired by their will and their passion for forest and I hope I interested you enough to learn more about it. Bye!

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