Heads of Commissions

Commissions and Sub-commissions are executive bodies of IFSA established by the General Assembly in any composition and for any tasks. The members of Commissions are approved for one year by the GA. Additional members may be admitted to a Commission during the year subject to application to and approval by the Council and members of the relevant Commission.

So here you can find the Commission responsibles, IFSA year 2018-2019:

Communication Commission
Simone Massaro
Head of Web Sub-Commission (Italy)

As the Head of Web Sub-Commission my task is to do magic with IFSA website.

Zuhaib Ahmed Shah
Head of Social Media Sub-Commission (India)

My role is to harness the potential of Social Media to spread the word of ifsa and strengthen the collaboration of IFSA with its partners through effective dissemination of information. My key goals for the year would be to make sure every IFSA member is aware about the opportunities and happenings in IFSA, to administrate the creation & publishing of relevant, high-quality content, and to plan and promote specific, timely social media campaigns.

Chew Jia Yi
Head of Communication Commission - Australia (Malaysia)

This is my second year serving IFSA as Head of communications, I will use my existing experience to guide new officials in IFSA especially my fellow heads in the commission. Therefore, not only my plan for this year would be to focus on engaging more with the officials, promoting better communications on external matter will be my targets as well.

Annebel Soer
Head of Design Sub-Commission (Netherlands)

This IFSA year I hope to create sustainable products that are editable and that last for the years to come. I will provide an efficient, engaging and clear corporate branding collection which will serve IFSA in its’ aim to be a professional but young organization. In this way I will support our motivated and passionate members.

International Processes Commission
Steffen Dehn
Head of UNFF Subcommission 1 Year (Germany)

As IFSA represents the Major Group Children and Youth at the UNFF, we are supporting the inclusion of children and youth perspectives in the UNFF to help ensure forests are sustainably managed for present and future generations. Additionally, we are looking to further strengthen collaboration with other Major Groups to foster the implementation of the UNSPF and the Agenda 2030.

Felix Mueller
Head of Forest Europe Sub-Commission (Germany)

We are expanding on our previous fruitful cooperation with FOREST EUROPE after establishing a solid basis of communication last year. We support the work FOREST EUROPE is doing in connecting students to the Pan-European forest policy process, through joint communication and student internships and conferences.

Braulio Francisco Galicia Villarreal
Head of UNFCCC Sub-Commission (Mexico)

I am honored to be Head of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and my main task, along to the International Policy Commission, is to strengthen our partnership with UNFCCC by involving observer delegates in the most important climate change events: COP24 KAWOTICE, World Climate Change Conference, and many others.

Karen Khoo
Head of International Processes Commission (Australia)
Sebastian Kägler
Head of UNEP Subcommission (Germany)

During the last year, we were able to gain UN Environment as a new and interesting partner who brings in new aspects as they give the potential to interact with interdisciplinary issues. Therefore, I will look after opportunities you can contribute to and of course, support your attendances during upcoming conferences or events. A personal goal of me would be to strengthen our collaboration and build a solid base with different interactions both sides can profit from.

Bismark Dzineku
Head of UNFF Sub-Commission 2 Years (Ghana)

My ambition for the UNFF work is to create a constructive framework for the exchange of information, interventions and ideas between members of UNFF MGCY as well as other children and youth organizations working closely with the UN MGCY.

Liz Wass
Head of UN CBD Sub-Commission 2 Years (Canada)

I am the connection between IFSA members and the UN CBD. I provide information regarding events, workshops, and conferences that IFSA members can attend, and try to gain interest in biodiversity.

Damiano Cilio
Head of FAO Sub-Commission (Italy)

Being the link between IFSA and FAO after a very successful year that has seen an increasing connection between both organisations, I will focus on strengthening this partnership by exploring new possibilities of collaboration and interaction. I will also encourage and support attendance of IFSA members at FAO events and conferences, making sure that IFSA members worldwide will receive updates and information on these new opportunities that FAO has for students and young professionals in forestry and related fields.

Capacity Development Commission
Sarah Dickson-Hoyle
Head of Forestry Education and Training Sub-Commission

Working within Capacity Development Commission, the Forestry Education and Training Sub-Commission works to advance both formal and informal education, learning and professional development opportunities for IFSA officials, members, and the wider forestry community.

Silvia Abruscato
Head of Capacity Development Commission (Italy/Denmark)

I am part of the IFSA-family since couple of years and I strongly believe in the power of the IFSA network and I want to facilitate multi-actors in reaching the IFSA strategy globally and locally by supporting and developing cross-sectoral learning, training and related activities. I will support and build trust within and across the five sub-commissions, and other IFSA members, making sure to enhance collaboration and transparency. I would make sure our members would receive support, not only today but also in the future. I will do my best to seek and invest my time in overlooking the activities of the Capacity Development Commission and in reaching the IFSA strategy, together.

Joost de Koning
Head of Mentorship Sub-Commission (Netherlands/Denmark)

The Mentorship Commission has set the following targets for the IFSA year 2018-2019: 1) Launch the Mentoring Toolkit so that at all IFSA events and for every IFSA local committee there is an opportunity to set up a mentoring programme, 2) Use of Mentoring Toolkit at an internal and an external IFSA event, to create a benchmark for future application, 3) Design a mechanism for personal career development for IFSA members through mentor-mentee relationships.

Ellinor Dobie
Head of Cultural competencies Sub-Commission (UK)

In my role I want to communicate with people throughout IFSA to create opportunities for celebrating and sharing cultures, and to ensure that people from all backgrounds are welcome and supported. I hope this will increase understanding and knowledge exchange between the diverse cultures that make up IFSA.

Ezhilan Arivudai Nambi
Head of Publications Sub-commision

As the head of Publications, it is my responsibility to report and update all the information regularly in the IFSA blog about events, conferences, workshops and ongoing works by collecting information from delegates through interviews to keep the forestry student community aware of the happenings at IFSA.