IFSA Board

Meet the board, composed by the Direction and the Council

The IFSA Board is composed by the Direction and the Council. It gathers seven members called the IFSA 7. They are elected for a period of one year to lead the association and ensure that IFSA mission and statutes are followed.

Direction 2018-2019
Dolores Pavlovic
President (Serbia)

My aim is to transform IFSA’s high potential into action by creating the groundwork for an impactful and adaptable organization. This will be made possible by developing the 2018-2022 Strategy, conducting Statutes review, re-structure, and a re-envisioning of our partnerships and international delegations.

Max Krombholz
Treasurer (Germany)

Hi everybody, I will be your new IFSA treasurer for the IFSA term 2018/2019. During this time I will take care of all the old and new responsibilities of the treasurer, as the reporting for the ERASMUS+ grant. Furthermore, I want to identify new funding opportunities together with the newly created projects and grants commission. All in all, I’m looking forward to an exiting IFSA year with you all!

Lisa Prior
Vice President (Germany)

I will oversee the internal communication of the organization and assist the President in carrying out her duties. Furthermore, I will support and coordinate the progress of all the Officials

Junaid Peters
Executive Secretary (South Africa)

I’m thankful for having the opportunity to be the Executive Secretary of IFSA for the 2018/2019 term. Apart from the usual secretarial work, I plan on continuing the work of my predecessors. My most important goal for this year is to streamline the use of our Officials Master Folder. This way Officials will be able to navigate their way through the Master Folder with much more ease. Another project I’ll be very involved in is conducting the IFSA annual survey. Together, with the rest of the board, we will review it and plan our way forward in order to continually improve and grow our organisation.

Council 2018-2019

The council is responsible for admitting new members and judging the sustainability of members and applicants, evaluate the IFSA-Annual Report & Financial Report for the General Assembly, advising and supervision of all organs and bodies of IFSA, ensuring that officials are fulfilling their duties…

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