Liaison Officers

A Liaison Officer (LO) is the correspondent between IFSA and a partner organization of IFSA. He/She is appointed for one year term by the General Assembly. The Liaison Officer have the following main tasks:

  • Maintain regular contact with both the IFSA President and the partner organization.
  • Work with both parties to find suitable arrangements for collaborative activities.
  • Raise awareness of one organization to the other.
Liaison Officers 2018-2019
Desmond Teh Chen Chuan
Liaison Officer for RECOFTC (Chinese Taipei/ Malaysia)

Maintain communication with RECOFTC and look for internship opoportunities for IFSA students . Main goal is to sign a MoU between IFSA and RECOFTC for 5 years and support RECOFTC’s 5 years strategy plan in future.

Maximilian Schubert
Liaison Officer for Youth in Landscapes Initiative (Germany)

Big challenges lay ahead of the Initiative this year. As first IFSA Liaison Officer in this position and Steering Committee Member, I will address crucial questions of the role the youth involvement should play within the Global Landscapes Forum, the vision, we are forging for the next years and the action plan, that defines are doings. YIL is open for everyone. If you want to get involved, I am more than happy to receive a message.

Kristoffer Bruun
Liaison Officer for EFI (Denmark)

As the main contact between IFSA and EFI, my task is to strengthen the relationship and collaborative potential among our two organisations. The coming year will be focused on involving more IFSA members in EFI activities, by increasing awareness of all the the great possibilities that exist, such as conferences and internships.

Vincent Duquette Rivard
Liaison Officer for ITTO (Canada)

As the link between IFSA and ITTO I would like to strengthen the partnership and find more opportunity for our members to participate or attend to various events related to ITTO. To achieve this I will assure to inform IFSA members of all possible occasion and stay in touch with my focal point within the ITTO.

David Ayoola Shonowo
Liaison Officer for IUFRO

Hello everyone, as the Liaison Officer to IUFRO, I will work at strengthening the relationship IFSA has with IUFRO and also to seek and share opportunities with IFSA members. As the IUFRO World Congress is approaching, I hope to get opportunity for IFSA members involvement in the congress.

Mahtuf Ikhsan
Liaison Officer for CIFOR

As the bridge between IFSA and CIFOR for the next upcoming year, my role will be to ensure all IFSA members is well-known about information from CIFOR especially that related to conference, internship and other activities. I will also make sure that IFSA members can participate in CIFOR conference and exploring new ways to make our relationship beneficial for both sides

Catherine Pearson
Liaison Officer for CFA

As the bridge between IFSA and the CFA, my job is to create and enhance collaborative opportunities and promote each other’s work and successes. Following the CFA’s recent strategic review I would initially like to remind IFSA members about what the CFA do, before finding out what we can do to strengthen each other’s organisations. I’d like to improve communications between us to share knowledge and provide a unique perspective from future foresters to the fantastic work the CFA do, as well as providing students with exciting opportunities to network and learn.