Liaison Officers

A Liaison Officer (LO) is the correspondent between IFSA and a partner organization of IFSA. He/She is appointed for one year term by the General Assembly. The Liaison Officer have the following main tasks:

  • Maintain regular contact with both the IFSA President and the partner organization.
  • Work with both parties to find suitable arrangements for collaborative activities.
  • Raise awareness of one organization to the other.

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Liaison Officers 2017-2018
Niclas Hoegel
Liaison Officer for Alumni (Germany)

As the Liaison Officer for Alumni I am the representing link between IFSA and the former IFSA members. By trying to convince a bigger number of former members to join IFSA again and get more of our Alumni involved in IFSA events and meetings, I want to accomplish my goal to strengthen and expand the current network.

Maximilian Schubert
Liaison Officer for YIL (Germany)

As first Liason Officer for the Youth in Landscapes Initiative, I want to improve this platform at the GLF with innovative ideas and even more active youth participation. Being one out of three student association representatives, together with YPARD and GAEA in this Initiative, teamwork and motivation is paramount, to give a voice to the students and set focus on the youth, even in expert meetings.

Emma Roberts
Liaison Officer for CFA (Canada)

I look forward to working closely with both IFSA and the CFA to explore ways in which our organizations can better benefit from our partnership.

Alice Semnoun
Liaison Officer for ITTO (France)

As new ITTO liaison officer, my job is to stregthen the IFSA-ITTO partnership and built a solid memorandum of understanding. I also make sure that our IFSA members will be aware of all ITTO intership’s opportunities and actions.

Konstantin Schwarz
Liaison Officer for IUFRO (Germany)

As the link between IFSA and IUFRO this coming term I want to contribute to further enhance our great partnership. My role in this will be to nurture a permanent communication with both sides and make sure that all IFSA members stay updated on information related to IUFRO such as conferences or other possibilities for students to participate in.

Khalil Walji
Liaison Officer for FAO (Canada)

As the link between IFSA and the FAO my role will be to ensure IFSA members worldwide recieve updates information on the new opportunities the FAO has for students and young professionals. My role will be to encourage sufficient attendance of IFSA members at FAO events and conferences and to continue to develop our relationship by exploring new avenues of collaboration that are mutually beneficial to both organisations.

Alexander Pinkwart
Liaison Officer for EFI (Germany)

As EFI-IFSA representative I would like to enhance the cooperation of IFSA and EFI, ranging from event participation to possible more professional outcomes.

Serena Pynta Phenomenon
Liaison Officer for CIFOR (Indonesia)

As the representative for IFSA-CIFOR this upcoming year, I wish to strengthen our partnership and discover ways for more possible collaboration activities beneficial for both sides.

Junaid Peters
Liaison Officer for IFISO (South Africa)

As the link between IFSA and IFISO, I plan on continuing the work of my predecessors. My goal is to exchange experiences and ideas at the spring meeting and share them with IFSA and other student organisations to improve our structure and functioning.