Partnership positions

A partnership position involves IFSA and one of its professional partners in a joint undertaking to fulfill a specific aim. These can be full-time, paid positions that would allow IFSA to better serve its vision and mission.

Partnership positions
Ash Lehto
Deputy coordinator of IFSA-IUFRO Joint Task Force on Forestry Education (United States)

I work on a collaborative team with IFSA and IUFRO focused on bringing together perspectives of students, educators, and professionals on education in the forest sector.

Khalil Walji
Coordinator of IFSA-IUFRO Joint Task Force on Forestry Education (Canada)

Broadly my role is to enhance the work of IFSA and partners on forest education by improving the outreach, research and focus that organizations and members spend on the topic. Within the Task Force, my role is to coordinate and organize activities of the TF, ensure that we reach our mandate and the successful completion of its 3 working packages which focus on the Global Outlook on Forest Education Study (GOFE), the Global Forest Information System (GFIS) and student training’s and capacity building sessions at IFSA and partner organized conferences.