Regional Representatives

Each year, during the General Assembly, delegates of each region nominate a Regional Representative (RR). He/She performs such duties as the following to promote the aims of the Association in the region:

  • Maintain regular contacts with the members of the region
  • Encourage and help forest students’ associations in the region to become a member of IFSA
  • Assist the Direction in carrying out activities such as tracer studies in the region
  • Encourage and promote activities such as working camps, seminars, forestry-related projects relevant to the region, etc.

So here you can find the RRs for each region, IFSA year 2018-2019:

Northern America
Gretha Teta
Regional Representative for North America

This year, Kayla and I would like to recruit at least one new LC and enhance communication between the existing ones. I am also looking forward to working with LCs to enrich Northern America IFSA members’ education and understanding of IFSA. I hope to do this through organizing meaningful workshops, and providing members with opportunities to engage with IFSA. Lastly, I am looking forward to helping organize CARM 2019, which is going to be legendary.

Kayla McNay
Regional Representative for North America (United States)

As regional representative it is my job to help connect the Local Committees to IFSA World. A few areas I would like to focus on this year are:
1. Communication with all LCs
2. Engaging with various forestry associations across the US and Canada to establish a presence within the forest community
3. Recruitment of new members as well as new LCs

Latin America
Ivette Estrada
Regional Representative for Latin America (Mexico)

I am the communication link between IFSA and the Latin American region, having contact with every local committee that exists, and with those interested in creating a new one. Disseminating and facilitating the relevant information, and being aware of the problems, questions or needs that are presented to them, in order to find solutions working together and supporting us as a region.

Itzhak Lopez
Regional Representative for Latin America (Mexico)

I have a lot of expectations about my first time being an official, because to make our region biger than now, create new partnerships between Student’s organizations, and Latin american institutions will be the way that RR’s gonna follow, new activities and the first LARM are comming. Huge challenges are waiting for us.

Northern Europe
Southern Europe
Lison Ambroise
Regional Representative for Southern Europe (France)

Together with Lioba, I am in charge of ensuring a good coordination between IFSA World and the LCs of Southern Europe. We want this year to have a better cooperation with Northern Europe and we plan for example to organize common video meetings. But that is only one of our projects and we have many others.

Lioba Rath
Regional Representative for Southern Europe (Switzerland)

This year I would like to reactivate the Southern European LCs by involving them in various specific projects. With my RR partner Lison we have many ideas to connect closer to other regions and offer more opportunities for members to join events and get the most out of IFSA’s opportunities!

Northern Africa
Sarah Sansa
Regional Representative for Northern Africa Region (Ghana)

Our plan this year is to build up a new strategy to increase the activeness of the Northern African Region and to establish partnership’s for the Region.

Alex Onatunji
Northern Africa Regional Representative (Nigeria)

It is a privilege to serve with Sarah Sansa to move the region to a greater heights through increase in Membership and activeness while also promoting partnership in the region. Ensure that NARM 2019 is organised successfully.

Southern Africa
Collen Baloi
Regional Representative for Southern Africa (South Africa)

My main tasks is to achieve a great communication and participation of students at the SARM, IFSS and IFSA family through stimulating and motivating of LC’s and gather more LC’s to join IFSA and spread the word of IFSA.

Muzi Shongwe
Regional Representative for Southern Africa (South Africa)

My name is Muzi Shongwe from UFA LCs, the Southern Africa RR in my period 2018-2019 IFSA year I will have a coffee hour with my LCs to discuss challenges that we are facing and Information regarding IFSA will be communicated across the region wherein our meetings will be held on Google Hangouts monthly and social visits to the LCs of the region and to have have our SARM.

Syarifah Khoirunnisa
Regional Representative for Asia-Pacific Region (Indonesia)

My position’s main task is to connect members of Asia Pacific Region with the entire IFSA. I would like to enhance the communication between LCs and encourage them to be more involved with us. I also will assist the members to use their opportunities as IFSA’s member as much as possible.

Jilian Princess Bathan
Regional Representative for Asia-Pacific Region (Philippines)

As the Asia Pacific Regional Representative, I will serve as the main connection between the Asia Pacific Region and the whole IFSA. I will ensure the progress and betterment of my region and make sure that we remain active. It is also my job to nurture and develop the LCs within my region.