Water and Bikes

By Vicky Tremblay

Today, I had a lot of fun exploring the green area in search of discovery and innovation. I focused on a topic that interests me and has a place of importance when we talk about climate change, water.  First, I was very impressed by a system invented by a German called CloudFisher Pro, that is collecting water from fog. The system is used in the Moroccan mountains in regions where villages have limited access to water. I tasted the water produced by this process and I was incredibly impressed by its quality! Here is a picture of this cloud collector and a link if you want to learn more about it. https://www.aqualonis.com/


Secondly, also a water related topic, I listened to a presentation about the Khattara in Morocco. Khattara is a system of artificial underground galeries (like canals) that were constructed from 1000 years ago to enlarge arable surface area in desert territories via the creation of oasis. This country is one of the last that still owns this ecologic kind of water transportation and approximately 300 000 people are still benefiting from its presence. Now, people are looking to restore this masterpiece to have a better productivity of the galeries and to help habitants irrigate their lands to keep them in region.

In addition of the water topic, I met dynamic and passionate young people from the company Pik ala who promote recycling. They collect old bikes from the Netherlands, then repair and offer them to habitants of Morocco to enable them to move. They also hold bike repair workshops or organised tours to promote green transportation in Morocco. http://pikalabikes.com/


I hope you appreciate my subjects today. Good evening !

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